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What is the benefit of being Indonesian? (as compared to being Malaysian)

Other than having the right to own land in Indonesia (preferably by square meters not by cubic meters), what else do you think are the benefits of being Indonesian (as compared to being Malaysian)?

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Singapore Government and Online Auctions

Some of you may have read Rani's writing entitled How online auction works in Singapore.

Given the fact that most Singapore-based online auction sellers and buyers ("participants") do not act according to the international norms that you normally see happening in Singapore Yahoo! Auctions and eBay Singapore (US and Europe being the best example of how online auction should be conducted), I was wondering if you any of you have channels to the Singapore government entity that has the power to regulate how buyers and sellers behave.

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Indonesian Music Concerts and Tobacco Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

I am a passive observer of Indonesian music industry and a great admirer of live music performances. However, I find it very hard to understand why large music concerts (jazz or rock or indie-pop or dangdut) in Indonesia are mostly sponsored by tobacco companies.

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Application Not Successful: No Reason Given

About a week ago I filled out the online application for NTUC Income Carsharing Scheme so that my family and I could enjoy the benefit of driving around Singapore during weekends and holidays for a relatively low cost. Their nearest car pick up is just 500m away from my residence so the idea seems perfect since I don't mind brisk walking at all. After patiently waiting for more than a week, I finally received a letter from the Membership Services Department thanking me for my interest and informing that my membership application was not successful.

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