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Rick Astley Encounter in Jakarta

Yodhi met with Rick Astley at Jakarta airport this morning en route to Singapore. Yodhi told Rick that he was such a fan and grew up with "Never Gonna Give You Up" song, which topped the U.S. singles chart on 12 March 1988.

Finally, he took a photo with Rick and recorded a special message frmo Rick to Anggi and Indi, who were playing doubles in a local tennis tournament in Cibubur this evening.

The clip:

The snapshot:

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Wawancara: Radio Singapore International

Anda bisa temukan rekaman wawancara Radio International Singapore (RSI) di Blog Bicara (klik disini).

Indra, kawan kami yang juga aktif menulis di Singapura, mengulas rekaman RSI tersebut sebagai berikut:

"Dalam program acara tersebut, Fika mewawancarai kedua pasangan blogger pengelola blog Indrani: Indi dan Rani. Topik hidup tanpa televisi dan membuat keju dari ASI yang sempat membuat pro dan kontra itu pun turut dibahas."

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Yod Dogg

From Poughkeepsie to East Timor to Jakarta to Singapore to Down Under. Yod Dogg is comin' your way.

If you want to dig him, oye como va.

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In Memoriam - Evan Dhana

Our dear cousin Evan and her baby passed away 29 September 2007 due to Amniotic Fluid Embolism. This was taken the last time Rani, Noe and I goofed around with Evan in July 2007.

Tiga ibu hamil - Left to right: 6, 7 and 8 months

Tiga ibu hamil - Left to right: 6, 7 and 8 months

Mother and daughter: evan + qinar

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Botak Jones Cajun Guano

I think God punished me yesterday for going to Botak Jones three times within one week.

Just when I was about to finish my cajun meal with Eddy and Alex (both are from the Lau clan but unrelated to Andy Lau), I felt like I had a mixture of mustard and mayonnaise splattering on my face. The hearty stuff went into my eye, my mouth and stained my shirt! I waited for a few seconds and licked the corner of my mouth. It tasted kinda... fresh. Perhaps too refreshing for something that come out of a bottle.

Then I found out that the mustard-cum-mayonnaise was a fresh pigeon dropping. What a Guano day!

PS: Someone told me that I should have bought Lottery tickets yesterday.

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Jeffrey Yap's Project

Our dear friend Jeffrey Yap is working on a project called Happy Mums 2 Be. It's been an honor to have an opportunity to work with him who is passionate about photography. What do you think?

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From Vladivostok with Sail

We are enjoying long weekend here in Singapore with 4 days off until Tuesday.

While Rani took her regular French lesson I brought Noe to visit Carpe Diem Kidz on Alexandra. We will enroll Noe there in March after Rani's business trip to Aceh starting next week.

Later we went to a simple wedding celebration of Harris and Neng in Lakeside. Good food and good company, that's almost always guaranteed when you are with IndoSingMum folks.

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Noe Jontor

We went for Indosing-mums Lebaran celebration lunch in Tampines, hosted by Ellen and Wiwie. And the food, oh the food, was so very good, ranging from the traditional lebaran dishes such as opor and sambel goreng ati, to pempek, es campur, lotek, and mi baso. Fabulous! Noe also met his future girlfriend, Kinara binti Nico.

But then Noe fell down at the play ground because he was too excited to be in a new place, but too tired (because he hasn't had his afternoon nap). Noe fell and landed on his lips. There were some minor tears in his lips but with lots of blood. He cried and cried unconsolably, poor thing. Breastfeeding did help to reduce the pain, but only a little. After the bleeding stopped, his lips sweeled three times from the original size. He ended up with jontor lips. Jontor is an indonesian word for big lips that protrude far forward.

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Hutang saya pada Inong

Saya gak tau gimana menggambarkan emosi saya. Kesedihan di hati karena kepergian Inong rasanya menusuk sekali, tetapi saya tidak menangis. Memang saya tidak bisa menangis kalo sedih (Karena hanya bisa menangis di saat marah saja), tapi kali ini kepala rasanya sakit, tenggorokan tercekat, dan rasanya ingin murung terus. Masih antara percaya dan gak percaya, bisa-bisanya seseorang yang begitu ceria dan energik, masih muda, bisa pergi begitu saja. Selain sedih, ada juga rasa kecewa yang dalam kepada diri saya sendiri, karena saya masih berhutang dengan Inong. Ia minta dibawakan oleh-oleh dari perjalanan saya bulan lalu, dan saya sudah siapkan beberapa batang coklat buatan tangan. Tetapi saya selalu menunda-nunda untuk bertemu dia dan menyampaikan buah tangan itu. Saya selalu berpikir nanti saja, karena sepulang perjalanan itu memang saya langsung ditimpa kesibukan kampus. Lagipula Inong mengajak Noe datang ke pesta ulang tahun Syifa tanggal 2 September, jadi saya pikir di sana sajalah saya sampaikan oleh-oleh tersebut. Tidak disangka pesta itu tidak pernah terjadi, dan coklat masih tersimpan di dalam lemari.

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