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First Birthday

It's Noe's first birthday. We made a small celebration with neighbours and relatives.

This is Noe's birthday cake. Rani had to decorate it because we ordered the cake without allowing time to create custom decoration. So Rani rushed to National Library and borrowed book about cake decoration, and then dashed to Cold Storage to buy materials for royal icing. She made the blue royal icing and lay it on top of the cake, being inexperienced with cake decoration and all. And to complicate matters, the cake that Indi bought was a mango cake with jelly topping, which caused the royal icing to melt. So we had to blow the candle rapidly. Here's the picture (Photos courtesy of Judhi Prasetyo):

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Jingle Acara TV Indonesia Jaman Dulu

Seputar Indonesia itu lagunya judulnya "Betawi" oleh Bhaskara '86. Yang main biola luluk purwanto.

Baru saja lagu jingle berita programa dua TVRI tahun 80-an dulu terngiang2 di kuping gue. Ada yang tahu, lagu ini lagu apa? Yang jelas ini lagu tradisional betawi, yang dimainkan di vibraphone secara berulang-ulang. Nadanya adalah sebagai berikut: mi sol la sol mi sol la sol mi do re fa mi .... dst diulang.. ada yang tahu?

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Another Great Taste of Mocca (2006)

Do you remember when I wrote A Great Taste of Mocca back in February 2005 (almost a year ago) ? Yes, I am sure you remember if you have been following our blog here. My words will never be able to explain to you the beauty of their music. But let me give it a shot with these few words:

" Charming, Engaging, Sweet and Mystifying....".

I just happened to love their music so much that I feel the importance of posting some photos from their gig at Esplanade outdoor stage on Friday 27 January 2006. The only difference is that they did not have the brass section like they did last year. However, they managed the situation really well and gave extra "umph" into the music. Mocca has been quite busy lately going on a tour from one Asian city to another (from Pattaya to Okinawa to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore).

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