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On Death and Dying

Sultans Tomb

Pardon me for being a little morbid in this writing. Death is an interesting thing. From my experience I can conclude two things. When death happens around me, I felt scared. But when I was face-to-face with my own death, I surrendered to it quite happily.

On Dying
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Tennis Doubles Tournament

My brother Yodhi and I have registered to play doubles at the Singapore Tennis Association's SONY ERICSSON Open 2008 on 3-11 May.

The last time we played in tournament together was perhaps in the 1980s where we toured around Java for junior tournaments. As for me, the last competitive tennis I played was when Ben Metzger and I won the State of Maine 1993 high-school doubles title.

With aging and heavier (and slower!) bodies, we don't plan to win the trophy. We just want to have fun and give younger players a hard time!

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Obsessed with Tracking Stuff

I think the sayings "What gets measured, gets managed" is quite true....

Tracking our expenses and transactions

We have been quite rigorous in tracking our expenses and transactions since the first years of our marriage. We log our expenses up to the cents.

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Guest Writer

Now indrani.net starts to have guest contributors. Our first guest writer is Judhi Prasetyo, a great friend from Singapore. He's writing on how food in Singapore can have a religion.

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damn haze

Damn haze. The whole house is coughing and I have sore throat with slightly runny nose and sneezing (allergic reaction). Noe became fussy and lethargic. The blockage in my nasal area caused disturbing headache. ARRGH!! And we don't have air conditioning system at home, so we had to keep the window open or else we would be steamed inside the house. And all Indonesia does is apologize without doing anything.

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Kabar dari Harisnya Inong

Tadi pagi saya ke NUH dan menyampaikan turut berdukacita pada Haris. Berikut pesan dari beliau:

Jenazah sedang dipersiapkan untuk dari NUH.
Jenazah akan dimandikan dan disiapkan untuk dibawa ke Jakarta di daerah Kallang. Mungkin disemayamkan di sana... (informasi tempatnya ada di http://bintangmatahari.blogsome.com/ )

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Oil is Expensive but Human Lives are Cheap?

Each coffin represents a single person killed in the on-going conflict between Israel and Lebanon. Created by Moiz Syed.

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Dream Tag

I got tagged by Yanti to reveal my five dreams. Well, since this website is owned by my whole family, I guess the tag is also applicable to the other members of the family.

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80s Entertainment Keywords

From TV/Radio/Movies/Comics/Magazines:
Oshin. Little Missy. Little House In The Prairie. Highway to Heaven. Escrava Isaura. Hunter. Sledge Hammer. Square One TV. The Bold and The Beautiful. Album MInggu Kita. Aneka Ria Safari. Ria Jenaka. Unyil. Thunderbirds. Silverhawk. Kisah HC Andersen. Kids Song. Moonwalker. Na Cha. Komik Mimin.

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