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20 December: Magical Teotihuacan

Drive to Teotihuacan

We had to wake up early to drive to Teotihuacan.

Carlos bought a tortilla with arrachera and cheese for breakfast, it was really delicious.

On the way out of mexico we saw the recently built (about two years old) metro bus network that looks just like busway in Jakarta. They were just like in Curitiba and Jakarta, using the innermost lane (the fast lane). I have never seen the ones in Curitiba, but the ones in Mexico city was quite nicely designed. The station was built adjacent to the pedestrian crossing so there is no need to build overhead bridge to go to the stations.

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19 December: Mexico City and Hector Jimenez Dinner

Back to Mexico City

We woke up a bit late due to the late night party, and packed up to drive down to Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico). During breakfast I confirmed with Carlos mom about the story of the Indonesian student who did not take a bath. She confirmed it, and wondered why he behaved like that. I theorized that perhaps the student has a special religious belief that requires him to not take a bath for a long time. She doubted it, and argued that most likely he is rebelling against his rough father.

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18 December: Queretaro and Party at Marquez

Going to the Market, Mexican Style

We woke up really late near afternoon because we were all really tired after a long day of going to Guanajuato and the city Christmas fair. Carlos’s mom cooked us a big breakfast consisting tortilla with onion scrambled egg, red bean, eaten with dried chili salsa sauce and sour cream. A truly Mexican Desayuno (breakfast)!

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17 December: Celaya Guanajuato

V is for Vendetta Breakfast

We woke up quite early since Noe had woken up before us. Then Indi took a little walk around the house while I downloaded pictures into the laptop and wrote in the travelog. Later, when everybody’s up, I made a Eggy-in-the-basket breakfast (based on the V is for Vendetta movie).

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16 December: ASEAN Bazaar and Drive to Celaya

Morning in Mexico City

Indi took Noe on a stroll around the hood looking for Louis Barragan’s home studio but could not find it. I was mostly sleepy all morning due to jetlag.

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14 December: Los Angeles to Mexico City

Our Impression of Mexico Megacity

When descending to Mexico City, a land at 2500m above sea level, we saw the city light from above, which was very very very beautiful. Too bad we didn’t have camera ready. We won’t be seeing this beautiful sight again. Such glitters are unique to this city of 23 million!

We arrived at dawn in Mexico City. The immigration officer talked really fast, somehow I felt that the effort I made in learning Spanish has been futile.

When we took our luggage we found out that Noe’s pack of diapers was torn up. But amazingly the officer returned the scattered diapers into the conveyor belt.

After clearing out the Douana we met Carlos Peralta! He is such a crazy gringo loco who is very skinny and eccentric. He told us a lot of story about when he was in Indonesia and traveling around the world learning arts, including glass blowing art. Carlos stayed with Indi’s family in Jakarta from 1992 to 1993 and has kept his Indonesian lingo polished since then.

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13 December: Singapore to Manila to Los Angeles


Everything was set by 10 am and we called taxi to go to the airport. Noe was really excited about going and he kept saying "wee wee wee", which means, airplane (and cars, and boats).

In Changi

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Nos Vamos a Mexico y Cuba

Finally, we are done packing our gear for a 33-day trip to Mexico and Cuba. We will try our best to write as much as possible since every single place that we will visit carries a great deal of human history.

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