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Gandhi's View

One religious leader chose to "help a women through legalized sexual encounters" a.k.a. polygamous marriage. This religious leader claims to have chosen the "difficult path" of polygamous marriage.

Another leader, his name is Gandhi, chose to help mankind, simply by practicing what he preached consistently and with integrity. And he has succeeded to do so for the whole mankind of his era.

And quoted below is his view on sex and marriage. He too has chosen the difficult path, that is to spread out love to other human being while restraining his lust and desires. See the difference? So which stance would you respect more?

From The Mind of Mahatma

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Engdonesia 2

Tulisan Nirwan Dewanto dalam Tempo berhubungan dengan tulisan saya yang lalu tentang Engdonesia

Nirwan Dewanto

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Aynho Talking About Loose Wire

Do you know how to get rid of chettle? Or, does it bother you to have a keevil when white notley is dangling from your ears?

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Perusakan Kebun Raya Bogor demi Kegiatan Cium Pantat


SBY mungkin tidak sadar bahwa ada rencana perusakan Kebun Raya Bogor supaya George Bush bisa mendaratkan helikopter hijaunya dan bercengkrama kejar2an ala fim India di atas hamparan rumpuht hijau Istana Bogor. Lha, lagipula kalau helikopter Bush biasa mendarat di atas padang rumput di Gedung Putih mengapa lantas perlu dibuat "helipad" khusus di Kebun Raya Bogor ya?

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Simply Libertarian

What sort of political description fits me best? The World's Smallest Political Quiz categorized me as a Libertarian.

What is a libertarian? Here is a brief description of where I stand, politically:

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Lifehacking - Domestic Waste Management

For a developed country like singapore, public consciousness of waste management is not as progressive as developed western countries. Sure Singapore is a clean country, but that's because people are paid to keep everything clean rather than a deeply rooted clean culture. Heck, people don't even clean up their own trays in fast food restaurant. Also, not many people separate their wastes, nor do they know about recycling, despite the availability of recycling scheme in Singapore. Perhaps Singapore needs government campaign in recycling. Regardless, Singapore's cleanliness and waste management culture is better than Indonesia. But I'll talk about Indonesia's waste management culture in another blog entry.

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An Apology Body and Soul

In the spirit of Idul Fitri, we'd like to wish a happy lebaran day and we'd like to apologize body and soul (direct translation of Indonesian congratulatory phrase).

Idul Fitri, in Indonesia, is the day where everybody offer apology to each other for the sins and mistakes that has been done over the past year. Idul Fitri day is believed to be an atonement day, a rebirth. If a person is a computer, he is reformatted, and is given a chance to start with a blank hard disk space for the upcoming year.

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Borat Sagdiyev - Борат Сагдиев

My brother Yodhi introduced me to Borat. I wished I had known him earlier as he embodies the aura of most decent men on earth. Borat Sagdiyev (Cyrillic: Борат Сагдиев) ("born" July 30, 1979) is a Kazakh journalist that you should pay attention to.

To start with, you may view this video at your own will. Try to refrain from laughing, especially if you are watching this in a mosque, synagogue, public library, goat farm or mental institution:

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Buku "Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian"

Sebagai sebuah hadiah ulang tahun dari kakak iparku Siska, buku "Saya Terbakar Amarah Sendirian" karya André Vltchek & Rossie Indira mulai saya baca hari ini dalam perjalanan ke kantor. Hanya dalam beberapa halaman pertama, buku tersebut sudah teramat sangat menggugah perasaan saya.

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