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The air in Singapore has been really unpleasant. When you look out the window you wouldn't be able to see really far because there is blurry fog all day long. But wait, it's not foggy at all!

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Thaksin and His Sins

I was just about to fall asleep in Shanghai's Yangtze Hotel (11pm on 19th September) when CNN broke the news about Thai military tanks patrolling all over the city of Bangkok. I immediately turned the volume up to see what was happening when UN General Assembly was in session (and I also heard Thaksin had already left the room when Koffi Anan made his opening remarks).

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Sending Troops to Lebanon while Country Remains Poor and Undeveloped

I am expressing my disappointment in Indonesian government for spending so much money on something that I believe should be left alone.

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Engdonesia Bahasa Kita

Selamat hari merdeka! Terlambat dikit gak papa deh, daripada enggak sama sekali. Dalam rangka tujuhbelasan mari kita membahas tentang bahasa.

Bahasa Inggris terdiri dari bermacam-macam variasi. Mulai dari Inggris Amerika, Inggris Australia, atau Inggris Ratu di negara Inggris sono. Di tempat-tempat di mana Bahasa Inggris bukan bahasa utama, bahasa ini tercampur aduk dengan bahasa lokal, contohnya di India, dimana gabungan bahasa Hindi dengan Inggris dikenal sebagai Hinglish (Hindi English), sementara di Singapura, bahasa inggris campur aduk melayu dan cina dinamakan Singlish (Singapore English).

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Don't Be Empty! (An Interview with David Saul Marshall)

A very wise and intelligent young man of Singapore by the name of Dharmendra Yadav has shared with us his 5 May 1994 interview with David Saul Marshall

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Yuhui's Explanation on Online Auction in Singapore (eBay)

I cannot agree more with Yuhui on the importance of educating the online auction participants on the benefits of sticking to the rules. Even my wife and I have been puzzled by this for quite some time, too.

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Cuba : Love & Suicide

The first narrative-feature film shot in Cuba in 47 years is now available for you to see. It is called Love & Suicide by Luis Moro. Rumor has it that Fidel Castro watched Love & Suicide - and ruptured his intestine. Castro was immediately hospitalized

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Fidel Castro's Message to the World

Fidel is not well but his spirit is always healthier than average people in the world.

Here is a copy of what he said translated from Spanish:

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Rani and Noe are Harvard Bound

This morning I took Rani and Noe to Changi Airport to fly to Boston for a week. This will be the first trans-pacific travel for Noe and also the first long-haul trip with a young toddler for Rani (yup, Noe gets an infant airfare, not child).

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Oil is Expensive but Human Lives are Cheap?

Each coffin represents a single person killed in the on-going conflict between Israel and Lebanon. Created by Moiz Syed.

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