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Great Inspiration for Me and Rani

After thinking hard enough, ocean cruise sailing is the kind of lifestyle Rani and I will adopt over a course of 5 years. Out of a hectic life exists a simple and joyful life propelled by the natural force of wind. And this video is just one of many inspiring stories we have discovered.

By watching this video: "Sailing on a 42' catamaran through the Bay of Islands of New Zealand", we hope you will understand what we mean by it.

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Gandhi's View

One religious leader chose to "help a women through legalized sexual encounters" a.k.a. polygamous marriage. This religious leader claims to have chosen the "difficult path" of polygamous marriage.

Another leader, his name is Gandhi, chose to help mankind, simply by practicing what he preached consistently and with integrity. And he has succeeded to do so for the whole mankind of his era.

And quoted below is his view on sex and marriage. He too has chosen the difficult path, that is to spread out love to other human being while restraining his lust and desires. See the difference? So which stance would you respect more?

From The Mind of Mahatma

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An Apology Body and Soul

In the spirit of Idul Fitri, we'd like to wish a happy lebaran day and we'd like to apologize body and soul (direct translation of Indonesian congratulatory phrase).

Idul Fitri, in Indonesia, is the day where everybody offer apology to each other for the sins and mistakes that has been done over the past year. Idul Fitri day is believed to be an atonement day, a rebirth. If a person is a computer, he is reformatted, and is given a chance to start with a blank hard disk space for the upcoming year.

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Fidel Castro's Message to the World

Fidel is not well but his spirit is always healthier than average people in the world.

Here is a copy of what he said translated from Spanish:

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Families through Friendship

I couldn’t sleep with some thoughts running in my head, and I decided to write down some conclusion of life about friendship love and hate. You may then conclude what kind a person you are: true friend or the opposite?

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Project NoSpank

After knowing that there is a "Kiwi organization promoting hitting children" , I immediately felt I needed to find out about the cost and benefit of doing so.

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Come Join Us: Pilgrimage to Cuba

In light of our preparation to visit Cuba in December 2006, Rani and I have been reading so many books about the place as well as watching films with the same subject.

If you have an interest in Cuba, Fidel Castro or Che Guevara, I'd like to recommend you to watch a documentary film on Fidel Castro that I borrowed from National Library in Singapore. The film title is "Fidel: The Untold Story", a film by Estella Bravo readily available at Amazon.com. Please, let me know what you think about the film, good or bad.

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Rani the Aries and Indi the Virgo

I am not a great fan of horoscopes but I find some 90% truth in what has been prescribed for a relationship/marriage between an Aries (Rani) and a Virgo (Indi).


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Sudah pernah nonton?

Dari iklan TV "Bursa Komedi" di akhir tahun 80-an:
Bagaimana pendapat bapak tentang Bursa Komedi?

Bursa Komedi .. .... lucu sekali deh!

Sudah pernah nonton?


Dalam konteks "Satanic Verses" :

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