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Drupal test site di Windows XP anda

(Ditulis di sini biar gak lupa langkah-langkahnya, maklumlah, masih amatiran soal beginian. Apalagi sambil hamil, jadi pelupa banget.

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Please update your RSS feed

Hi all, since we've enabled CleanURL, our RSS feed address has changed. Please update your RSS Reader. You can subscribe to with the following Feeds:

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New hosting service

We had about one week of down time this week because we had to move hosting.

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Boingboinged traffic

This is our traffic after being Boingboinged

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Singapore NAVY Open House at Changi Naval Base

Jendral Augie from Memphis is in town so we took him to
Changi Naval Base to see what it's like since Singapore Navy were having Open House 2007 for public to have an opportunity to have fun and get inside the ships.


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Reading the Sea: Learning from the Polynesian Voyaging Society

Sometime in April 2002 when I was staying with Rani in Honolulu, Hawaii, I attended a talk by members of the Polynesian Voyaging Society on how people in Polynesian sailors have been able to navigate thousands of nautical miles without compasses for centuries.

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Aynho Talking About Loose Wire

Do you know how to get rid of chettle? Or, does it bother you to have a keevil when white notley is dangling from your ears?

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Ten Years Online

It has been more than ten years since I use internet, and now it has been one of my basic needs. Now I can't imagine being somewhere with no internet connection, I may experience severe withdrawal syndrome. It's really cute to look back at how internet was like more than ten years ago.

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Goodbye MacBook, Hello ThinkPad!

Sometimes quick buying decisions must be made (or re-made) when you soon realized that a new product that you like is not always up to your expectations.

Through NUS' subsidized scheme we took the opportunity to order a MacBook last Saturday due to our interest to evangelize others about the concept of pluralism in personal computing (well, MacBook supposedly could run both Windows XP and Mac OS intended to serve disciples who are too shy to convert religion but willing). However, after thorough investigation over various user-group websites, such as Macintouch, we have decided not to change religion at all because MacBooks are known to have this disease called Random Shutdowns. Although such a problem can be repaired we feel that it is best not to take a risk at all especially since we want to a laptop/notebook handy during our Mexico/Cuba trip in December (as for Indi, reliability factor is his top priority). *Plus, we learned from some reliable source that Apple' customer service in Singapore is not up to standard (?).

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flickr map and moo cards

I just found out that there is a new link inside my flickr page. Take a look!

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