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Happy Birthday, Google!

I did not realize that Google is 8 years old already. Time goes by so fast when we are having fun!

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9 Aug - No More United Airlines Please

I woke up quite early, around 3.30am and finalised the packing. Then we head down to the lobby where we waited for a girl who wanted to share taxi with us. While waiting, we watched National Geographic channel which screened a story on the collapse of New World Hotel.

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8 Aug - OLPC, MIT and Faneuil Hall

We woke up rather late, around 8am. Perhaps I didn't realize that I was too tired the previous day. Also, I was unable to decide what to do for the day. So we just go by SJ's invitation to attend One Laptop Per Child discussion near MIT. On the way there, we stopped by the post office to post Rita's book from Singapore, then continued to the bagel place for breakfast. We had sausage wrap, which Noe really loved. Gosh, eating out is really expensive in Boston.

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6 Aug - Wikimania Day 3

We started to establish a routine of waking up early and took a stroll along Harvard Yard. And Noe would always chase squirrels and birds. I would teach him how to pluck out flowers and leaves.


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5 Aug - Wikimania Day 2

Noe and I woke up very early in the morning, like 3.30am, because we went to bed quite early the previous day.


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4 Aug - Wikimania Day 1

We woke up rather late, at about 7am because we slept late the night before. I put the laundry from the previous night into the dryer and continued to have breakfast: fried rice brought from the Nine Tastes. Again, Noe was eating a lot of fried rice, food that he missed a lot while in the US.

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Space Invaders Brings back Vivid Childhood Memory

Space Invaders was the first video game that I ever played in an arcade. My father used to take us (Anggi, Indi and Yodhi) to Mayestik (Majestic) in South Jakarta during on weekends in the early 1980s. He gave us coins to play this marvelous game of Space Invaders because we never owned ATARI, Nintendo nor VCR (we were poor, you see).

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Tsunami dan Tugas Menristek

Siapakah yang kira2 harus bertanggung jawab apabila tidak ada peringatan bahaya Tsunami mengingat sudah 19 bulan sejak tragedi Tsunami Aceh.

Saya rasa Menteri yang saya sebut dibawah ini sedang mendapat perhatian khusus perihal Tsunami beberapa hari yang lalu, khususnya pada saat Associated Press melaporkan sbb (terlepas dari betul tidaknya laporan AP):

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Thanks to Thalia, I'm very much tempted to try the new service Zooomr (yes, with three "o"s!). Seems like a great service, particularly with different kinds of tagging enabled there.

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My Cubicle - Motion Picture

Hi, Friends!

I thought you may wanna see this motion picture on You Tube:
My Cubicle - Motion Picture shot, directed, edited by Judhi Prasetyo. He used his trustworthy Canon 20D with various lenses to capture the essence of my professionalism at work.

The sources of inspiration:

1. PATRYK REBISZ: Between You And Me, which was made using Canon EOS 20D;

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