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Mex-Cuba Travelog Updated Now With Pics

Gosh, time flies. It's now almost February. Arrgh! Anyway, we have been updating the Mexico-Cuba entries with pictures and sub-heading, just in case you wanna check them out again. Here's the quicklink:

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2 January: Havana Fever

Breakfast, Checking Out, and Checking In Again

In the morning, Noe's fever subsided. We ordered breakfast and Noe played with the turtles in the pond. Katya, Isbel's helper, brought a freshly squeezed orange juice for Noe. Later in the morning, Yodhi told us that his wallet was missing during the New Year concert at the Anti Imperialist Square, and we can't blame him for getting wary of his safety in Havana. After we finished packing and everybody got up, we checked out of Casa Isbel. In the mean time Eko was helping out to secure the campervan booking, and he found out that the campervan was only available for the fourth of January. So we needed to extend our stay in Havana and Eko found us a place to stay nearby his residence around Miramar . For security reason of the Cuban homeowner, we can't disclose where we stayed.

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