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Video: Kainoe Falling Asleep at Lunch

This was not the first time Noe fell asleep while eating. Wait until you see the last few seconds.

Check this out:

*Taken using xda IIs built-in camera. Should have used MiniDV instead :)

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Noe finding self

Noe has developed his individuality and personality. Just today, he began to say "Mine!" and "It's mine!", if we get something from him without his consent. He would say "no" to a lot of thing, such as morning shower. Just like his grandfather, Dr. Ahmad, who's taking plenty of time before taking his morning shower.

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Noe has made an official statement that he has weaned himself off breastmilk.

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Noe Indi and Rani as Actors

The Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group Singapore assigned me to take part in a documentary film program on Breastfeeding. Not that I have a beautiful actress's face, heck, I never even use lipstick in my daily life! I was assigned because I had experienced many problems related to breastfeeding during the first few weeks of Noe's life. So in this documentary I had to share my experience to overcome those problems.

So, last weekend the crews from megamedia (Hazel, Shereen and another lady which I forgot the name) came to my house to do a shooting. It was semi-scripted with interview segments. I had to reenact the situation when I had mastitis. It was real fun!

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New Hairdo

We shaved Noe's hair because we still do not know how to properly cut a kid's hair. Here's the result:


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Prophet Muhammad, our Ancestor

Last year, we began creating family tree in the Wiki-based genealogy site, Rodovid. At that time, we discovered that both Indi and I were descendant of Ken Arok, and we shared the same ancestry up to Bhre Kertabumi (Brawijaya V)

Yesterday I got more information with regards to our ancestry. It turned out that we're descendants of Prophet Muhammad, 41 generations apart. Now that does not mean that we're pious or good religious people. But it shed a light that possibly many Javanese people are descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

How did it happen? First, let me just share with you my methodology in mapping our family history. It's actually pretty simple, based on available data, I plotted them into Rodovid Website

  • First, I plotted my ancestry up to Sultan Agung, 11 generations before me. The data is credible, because it is a certified family tree published by the Jogjakarta Sultanate. Solo Sultanate also have similar family tree. We can make the database richer if you can plot your family tree if you have on, or whatever genealogy information you have.
  • Secondly, I found Babad Jawa Versi Mangkunegaran online, which traced the lineage of Javanese Kings, Queens, and Princes, up to Ken Arok and Tunggul Ametung. This resulted in a family tree that I put here almost one year ago
  • Thirdly, last year, I googled genealogy information of Wali Sanga and particularly Sunan Ampel. This gives additional information on the Javanese family tree during Raden Patah era, in which intermarriage with the Muslims started to happen. Last year I could only traced the lineage up to Maulana Malik Ibrahim
  • In the mean time, Indi's genealogy information is added based on information available in the book Komat Kamit Selo Soemardjan, that mentioned his ancestry up to Sultan Demak. This information was also plotted
  • This year, I just saw an update in the Wikipedia page of Sunan Ampel. New information of Sunan Ampel's lineage is added, with ancestry information up to Husayn, the son of Ali bin Abi Thalib and Fatimah Az-Zahra. So I plotted this information.
  • It turned out that somebody else had already plotted genealogy information of Prophet Muhammad, so what I do is just link my plotted family tree into this family tree. This resulted into a colossal family tree that spans 59 generations, from third century BC up to today.

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Beginning of 2nd Trimester

Okay.. we've been sorta holding back the news of our pregnancy but since we're now beginning with the second trimester, we think that today is the right time to announce it more publicly. We kept the news during the first trimester because there's a lot of uncertainty with regards of the pregnancy, and it is the most volatile period.

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14 December: Los Angeles to Mexico City

Our Impression of Mexico Megacity

When descending to Mexico City, a land at 2500m above sea level, we saw the city light from above, which was very very very beautiful. Too bad we didn’t have camera ready. We won’t be seeing this beautiful sight again. Such glitters are unique to this city of 23 million!

We arrived at dawn in Mexico City. The immigration officer talked really fast, somehow I felt that the effort I made in learning Spanish has been futile.

When we took our luggage we found out that Noe’s pack of diapers was torn up. But amazingly the officer returned the scattered diapers into the conveyor belt.

After clearing out the Douana we met Carlos Peralta! He is such a crazy gringo loco who is very skinny and eccentric. He told us a lot of story about when he was in Indonesia and traveling around the world learning arts, including glass blowing art. Carlos stayed with Indi’s family in Jakarta from 1992 to 1993 and has kept his Indonesian lingo polished since then.

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13 December: Singapore to Manila to Los Angeles


Everything was set by 10 am and we called taxi to go to the airport. Noe was really excited about going and he kept saying "wee wee wee", which means, airplane (and cars, and boats).

In Changi

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Blissful Beverage

When my son latches hungrily onto my bosom and drinks from my body, I always discover a feeling that I have never felt before. It is a blissful feeling, full of love and joy. Time stops. Relaxed. Giving and taking unconditionally to each other. Embrace. Calm. And we look at each other closely and smile. Sometimes he touches my nose and lips too, playfully, curiously.

And when he is finished, he looks drunk and contented. Intoxicated by mother's milk. A big burp will follow. Happy!

He is so lovely! And what a beautiful feeling, breastfeeding is.

And it is a great painkiller for him too. The only thing that can soothe his feeling after a painful fall, is my milk!

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