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Our New Baby Boy: Keilani Soemardjan

Oh what a day!

We are pleased to announce the birth of our second son. All natural, all healthy!

date: 25 October 2007
time: 7:50pm (Singapore/HongKong time)
weight: 2.8kg
length: 49cm

We have chosen to name him Keilani Soemardjan (nickname: Kei). Keilani \ke(i)-la-ni\ is pronounced kay-ee-LAH-nee. It is of Hawaiian origin, and its meaning is "glorious chief". Keilana means "glory; calmness".

Kei is getting himself comfortable under infant warmer system in the delivery room of National University Hospital, Singapore.

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Ratatouille Screening!

Mark your calendar! Bring your whole family into the screening of Disney's latest "RATATOUILLE" in this family-friendly event held by the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group in Singapore.


Date : 2 September 07 (Sunday)
Time : 3 pm
Venue : Eng Wah Cinema, Suntec City
Movie : Ratatouille
Ticket : S$12 each (Babies & toddlers under 0.9m who sit on Mommy and Daddy's laps come for free!)

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You might have read in Weaned that Noe has made an announcement of his wish to self-wean. This is when Noe stopped night feeding (he had stopped daytime feeding for quite some time already). At that time, I noticed that my milk production is at its lowest point. I practically couldn't press anything out of my boobies and didn't feel any let-down anymore. It's totally empty!

Well, since a week ago, I noticed a change in Noe's night feeding pattern. He began to latch onto me for a longer period and seemed to enjoy breastfeeding again. Of course it is not fulfilling for him, so he still asks for other milk on top of the night breastfeeding session. I wonder why this change of pattern?

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Maternal Desire by Christina

This is a comment from our friend Christina R. sent by email with regards to my previous entry. I put it as guest article because her comment is an article of itself. She responded to my article based on her reflection upon reading Maternal Desire by de Marneffe.

By Christina R.

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Breastfeeding - It's Difficult To Be A Woman

Breastfeeding as Enlightenment

Breastfeeding for me is an enlightenment. Breastfeeding is a "source of thoughts", as quoted in Breastwork (Bartlett 2005 pp. 21-22)

"The bosom" is regarded as the seat of thoughts and feeling. ... Lactating breasts become fertile grounds of wisdom, active organs producing food for the mind as well as the body.

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Noe Indi and Rani as Actors

The Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group Singapore assigned me to take part in a documentary film program on Breastfeeding. Not that I have a beautiful actress's face, heck, I never even use lipstick in my daily life! I was assigned because I had experienced many problems related to breastfeeding during the first few weeks of Noe's life. So in this documentary I had to share my experience to overcome those problems.

So, last weekend the crews from megamedia (Hazel, Shereen and another lady which I forgot the name) came to my house to do a shooting. It was semi-scripted with interview segments. I had to reenact the situation when I had mastitis. It was real fun!

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Police Chief threatens to hit a Pregnant Woman in Jakarta

Forwarded from Tomi Satryatomo. Should I translate this into english? This is sickening

Kekerasan, arogansi, power abuse di Indonesia??? ??

Oooh...ini mah sudah tradisi!!!!

Mungkin pelaku2nya sudah gak makan nasi kayak kita2 lagi jadi merasa sah2 saja menindas, menyiksa, menghina dan menistakan kita.

Gak usah deh lihat videonya kekerasa di IPDN yang menyebabkan Praja Cliff Muntu meninggal dunia, miris..... mau tau yg barusan terjadi tadi pagi dengan dirikuw????

Perjalanan ke kantor bersama suami tadi pagi seperti biasa kehambat di Jalanan Deplu Raya Pondok Pinang arah Pondok Indah. Waktu menunjukkan jam delapan pagi.

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Gandhi's View

One religious leader chose to "help a women through legalized sexual encounters" a.k.a. polygamous marriage. This religious leader claims to have chosen the "difficult path" of polygamous marriage.

Another leader, his name is Gandhi, chose to help mankind, simply by practicing what he preached consistently and with integrity. And he has succeeded to do so for the whole mankind of his era.

And quoted below is his view on sex and marriage. He too has chosen the difficult path, that is to spread out love to other human being while restraining his lust and desires. See the difference? So which stance would you respect more?

From The Mind of Mahatma

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Blissful Beverage

When my son latches hungrily onto my bosom and drinks from my body, I always discover a feeling that I have never felt before. It is a blissful feeling, full of love and joy. Time stops. Relaxed. Giving and taking unconditionally to each other. Embrace. Calm. And we look at each other closely and smile. Sometimes he touches my nose and lips too, playfully, curiously.

And when he is finished, he looks drunk and contented. Intoxicated by mother's milk. A big burp will follow. Happy!

He is so lovely! And what a beautiful feeling, breastfeeding is.

And it is a great painkiller for him too. The only thing that can soothe his feeling after a painful fall, is my milk!

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Maternalistic World

Let's write a futuristic story together!

My brain was numbed by the ongoing work and exam, so I tried to refresh my brain by taking a quick break and starting a fictional draft story of a futuristic scenario. You can participate in expanding this fictional scenario too, by editing the wiki. Or please leave a comment below on your suggestions in expanding this scenario. Please do give your suggestions!

The writing is triggered by a question on how would the world look like if women dominates the world and its social structure? Would it be a better place compared to the present paternalistic society? Or not? (Surely the zealots will be irritated by the very concept of female-dominated world). Here, I'm not talking about women dominate the world by becoming more masculine (like most feminist movements pursue currently), but how women dominate the world through its own feminine values.

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