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Moliendo Cafe by KARIB Gembira

Singapore's Victoria Hall 2003: Our band KARIB Gembira did a cover of "Moliendo Café" and "Kopi Dangdut" sung in acoustic version:

-Sax: Kirana Asih Widayanti
-Vocal: Askar Hilman
-Piano: Rani
-Trumpet + Conga: Indi Soemardjan
-Percussion: Budiman

*Check out our mariachi-style brass at 2:01

Want more clips?

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Al Jazeera 101 East: A Legacy of A Dictator

Hosted by news anchor Teymoor Nabili, "Al Jazeera 101 East: A Legacy of A Dictator" was indeed a thought provoking episode.

It started with a brief flashback of what Suharto had done to Indonesia (and its people) since 1965 and was followed by conversations among Mugiyanto, Wimar Witoelar and Emil Salim.

Wimar, as always, spoke from his heart while Emil was all over the place, unable to defend his points clearly. Mugiyanto was very consistent as well in his views.

You can watch the episode using the following links:

PART 1 :

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What IS Corruption?

Over the years, Rani and I have asked these questions many times:

-Why is corruption so rampant in Indonesia?
-Why is it that Indonesia does it much "better" than most other Asia Pacific countries when it comes to corrupt practices? See Indonesia Matters' story on Corruption Index.

It's not until recently that we both started thinking of these fundamental yet intriguing questions:

-Do majority of Indonesians know what the word "corruption" means?
-What sort of activities/practices are considered "corrupt"?
-Do you think the government officials really know which types of activities are considered corrupt?

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XL in Indonesia

No, I am not talking about mobile phone services. I am talking about this organization called XL Results Foundation that claims to be successful in creating wealth for Asians. I heard about it from a Malaysian friend that is about to get recruited in Singapore to join them. My curiosity came out so soon and here is what I found out about them:

- Letter of complaint and petition: complaint against Roger Hamilton & Dave Rogers of XL Results Foundation Pte Ltd, www.resultsfoundation.com (a private limited company registered in Singapore Company registration: 200107729C)

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noe & i arrived safely in boston after 26 hrs of grueling sardine-like flight, not to mention our luggage got lost in chicago and we had to wait 2hrs in logan until it arrived. also, the subway stations are not really stroller & suitcase friendly, but luckily people are really helpful.

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First Malay Wedding

Azlin invited us to come to her brother wedding. This is our first time coming to a malay wedding. Luckily, the Indosing-mums egroups discusses the culture and ethics of coming to a malay wedding in Singapore.

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