2006-01 (Jan)

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Triple Date and Playground

Today we went for a triple date in Botanic Garden, and went to the playground in Dover. But before that, yesterday, we were just chilling out at home. Noe slept soundly on my belly, while I totally passed out.

On the bright sunny day three babies and their parents strolled along the path in Botanic Garden Singapore.

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Another Great Taste of Mocca (2006)

Do you remember when I wrote A Great Taste of Mocca back in February 2005 (almost a year ago) ? Yes, I am sure you remember if you have been following our blog here. My words will never be able to explain to you the beauty of their music. But let me give it a shot with these few words:

" Charming, Engaging, Sweet and Mystifying....".

I just happened to love their music so much that I feel the importance of posting some photos from their gig at Esplanade outdoor stage on Friday 27 January 2006. The only difference is that they did not have the brass section like they did last year. However, they managed the situation really well and gave extra "umph" into the music. Mocca has been quite busy lately going on a tour from one Asian city to another (from Pattaya to Okinawa to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore).

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Happy Birthday, Andika John!

Andika is one year old already. Time goes by so fast! I recalled that it felt just like yesterday when Natasha and I both realised that we're pregnant. And then the babies were born. And then the first birthdays.Since we really enjoy making music, we would like to share our joy for music with Andika too. We got him a set of drum, maracas, tambourine, and castanets. Andika immediately had fun with the drums. Good, now we can form a baby band.

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Noe itu ...

Kalau dilarang, malah dilakukan
Kalau disuruh dan dipaksa, malah tidak dilakukan
Kalau disembunyikan, akan dicari terus

Kalau dibiarkan, akan dilakukan sampai bosan
Kalau diperlihatkan, akan dimainkan sampai bosan

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First Tooth

Finally, Noe's tooth starts to grow! At last! Well, he's quite a late teether.. I (Rani) could feel a bony-hard thing on top of his gum. Unfortunately no picture can be taken just yet, because the tooth is not visible by human eye...

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Riding an Apple, Riding a Tiger

We would like to welcome a new member of the family...

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80s Entertainment Keywords

From TV/Radio/Movies/Comics/Magazines:
Oshin. Little Missy. Little House In The Prairie. Highway to Heaven. Escrava Isaura. Hunter. Sledge Hammer. Square One TV. The Bold and The Beautiful. Album MInggu Kita. Aneka Ria Safari. Ria Jenaka. Unyil. Thunderbirds. Silverhawk. Kisah HC Andersen. Kids Song. Moonwalker. Na Cha. Komik Mimin.

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First Days of 2006

Let's start 2006 with this photo - Noe riding his walker bike (that can sing when the nose is pressed)!

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Application Not Successful: No Reason Given

About a week ago I filled out the online application for NTUC Income Carsharing Scheme so that my family and I could enjoy the benefit of driving around Singapore during weekends and holidays for a relatively low cost. Their nearest car pick up is just 500m away from my residence so the idea seems perfect since I don't mind brisk walking at all. After patiently waiting for more than a week, I finally received a letter from the Membership Services Department thanking me for my interest and informing that my membership application was not successful.

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How online auction works in Singapore

When I tried to sell my xda II online, I was surprised to find out that the logic of online auction is almost totally different in Singapore.

At first, I tried to sell my xda II in Singapore Pocket PC user group (PPCSG). However, I can say that, although PPCSG market place forum is a great place to buy stuff, it is not a great place to sell stuff. People from the forum would mercilessly bargain 40-50% from the initial price. Having been unable to sell my xda II with a good price in PPCSG, I looked for other alternatives.

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