2006-03 (Mar)

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Jingle Acara TV Indonesia Jaman Dulu

Seputar Indonesia itu lagunya judulnya "Betawi" oleh Bhaskara '86. Yang main biola luluk purwanto.

Baru saja lagu jingle berita programa dua TVRI tahun 80-an dulu terngiang2 di kuping gue. Ada yang tahu, lagu ini lagu apa? Yang jelas ini lagu tradisional betawi, yang dimainkan di vibraphone secara berulang-ulang. Nadanya adalah sebagai berikut: mi sol la sol mi sol la sol mi do re fa mi .... dst diulang.. ada yang tahu?

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First Clap

Just now, Noe deliberately clapped his hands, for the first time.

He has tried to clap his hands for the longest time, but somehow either the hands just clasped to one another, or the hands do not meet.

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First Time on the Beach

Last weekend, the Hamiltons and we drove up to Mersing, on the east coast of Malaysia. Natasha drove her car through Woodlands checkpoint, which was not jammed, surprisingly. Coming from Singapore, it was refreshing to see the chaos and untidiness of Johor Bahru. The only thing that we consider funny was the countdown light on every traffic light there, what is it for?

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Google Fridge

As a mom and the cook in the house, I constantly think on how technology and internet can help daily chores at home. There are so many kinds of technology out there, but they are rarely integrated as a seamless system that helps everyday tasks.There are two possibilities when someone is thinking about what to cook for dinner. Either he look at the cookbook then buy food ingredients to make it, or he look at the fridge and think of something that can be made out of whats available. How often do you wish that you can keep track of whats inside your fridge? No matter how organized my fridge is, I keep forgetting what in it. As a result, I couldnt plan my shopping properly, and ended up buying duplicate items. Sometimes, I ended up not cooking something, thinking that I did not have the ingredients, whereas in fact I could have found it stuck at the back of my fridge. I wish my daily life could be more organized. So, lets just daydream a bit here. And lets hope google would want to take these ideas on board.

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