2006-07 (Jul)

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Dadiah - Traditional Yogurt from West Sumatra

When we went to Padang last month, we splurged on traditional Minang food that we missed so much, such as Sate Padang, Bebek Lado Ijo (with happy seasoning), many kinds of Sambal Lado and Gulai, and the special grilled fish from Lake Maninjau, grilled banana, and sanjai crackers. We took the opportunity to get Dadih or Dadiah, traditional minang water buffalo yogurt which is fermented in bamboo container covered with banana leaf.

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Ken Dedes, our Ancestor

We just discovered Rodovid, a wiki-based family tree, and I spent a whole day putting our family tree and connect it with Babad Tanah Jawi family tree. As a result, I managed to find my ancestors, 33 generations before me, up to Ken Dedes (the wife of Ken Arok, the first ruler of Singhasari, Indonesia) and her father. This is my family tree:

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Come Join Us: Pilgrimage to Cuba

In light of our preparation to visit Cuba in December 2006, Rani and I have been reading so many books about the place as well as watching films with the same subject.

If you have an interest in Cuba, Fidel Castro or Che Guevara, I'd like to recommend you to watch a documentary film on Fidel Castro that I borrowed from National Library in Singapore. The film title is "Fidel: The Untold Story", a film by Estella Bravo readily available at Amazon.com. Please, let me know what you think about the film, good or bad.

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Rani the Aries and Indi the Virgo

I am not a great fan of horoscopes but I find some 90% truth in what has been prescribed for a relationship/marriage between an Aries (Rani) and a Virgo (Indi).


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What is the benefit of being Indonesian? (as compared to being Malaysian)

Other than having the right to own land in Indonesia (preferably by square meters not by cubic meters), what else do you think are the benefits of being Indonesian (as compared to being Malaysian)?

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Indonesia in World Cup Final

Indonesia has been in World Cup final. My bro Yodhi pointed me out to a BBC article that provides that fact. It was the World Cup Final in 1974. Take a look at the article in BBC website, see if you can find Indonesia

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Deleted comments

Apologize for everybody who has given comments to this website for the past two weeks. It is not because we did not approve the comments, rather, the comments have been accidentally automatically deleted because I have defined regex for the spam filter wrongly.

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Have you been to Argentina or Cuba?

The great thing about having your own website (or blog) is that you could also post your question and, hopefully, get genuine responses.

So, please allow me to ask you some questions (you can respond in comment section):

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