2006-08 (Aug)

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1 Aug - Train to Maine

Noe woke up around 3 am crying and looking for Bapak. I tried to put him to sleep again but he was so jetlagged and couldn't sleep. So we decided to spend some time eating popcorn at the dining hall. I made a skype phone call from my PDA phone only to discover Indi who was so worried about my well being. I also wrote my blog entry.

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31 Jul - Flight to Boston

I woke up at 3am, anxious about the flight. I ran everything through over and over again, making sure that I didn't forget anything. I was all set to go at 4.30, but waited for Masindi to get prepared until 5.00. However, big stormy rain poured in at 4.50 and didn't stop until 5.15. I thought I was really destined to not go this time, considering all the hindrance and disruption that I have been experiencing, from ticketing problems and visa etc. Nevertheless, we decided to call a cab at 5.20 and braved ourselves through the rain. Once we were in taxi, the rain stopped! We were really cursed!

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