2007-03 (Mar)

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Addicted to "Little Mosque on the Prairie"

I am a strong believer in "being able to laugh at yourselves as a sign of maturity". And that is the reason why I encourage all of you all to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie (especially if you are a follower of Islam).

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Sailing Blue Eagle with Mas Judhi

Yesterday we went sailing again with Derek Mazzone on his beautiful 37 feet ketch Blue Eagle from Changi Sailing Club.

Mas Judhi came with us and it was his first time sailing, too. So, he had every reason to be trigger happy and holding the lines like flying a kite!


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Engdonesia 3

Ternyata istilah Bahasa "Engdonesia" sudah duluan diluncurkan oleh Ariel Heryanto di dalam artikelnya di Kompas. Kok bisa kebetulan sama ya? Padahal saya belum pernah baca artikel tersebut (Artikel Ariel bisa di baca di bawah halaman ini).

Berikut juga beberapa trackback terkait dengan bahasa "Engdonesia" dari website ini dan juga website lainnya:


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