2007-07 (Jul)

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Flying Batavia Air With Blocked Overwing Emergency Doors

On 13 July 2007 my father (Hindro) and I boarded Batavia Air from Jakarta to Bali to attend a wedding. We were seated on row 14 (me on the aisle and my father in between me and the window seat) of Boeing 737 aircraft that seemed to be much older than the average age of the flight crew. One stewardess told us that everyone on aisle 14 were supposed to be aware of the "overwing emergency exit door/hatch" on the starboard (right) and port (left) and that whoever is sitting closest to it should operate it in an emergency.

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JP Frontpage

I managed to get my last blog entry as an article in the frontpage of the Jakarta Post Sunday Edition 22 July 2007! See the bottom left of the scanned page. As an amateur, I'm happy about it :> Click here to read the full JPEG or click below for the flickr page

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Indonesia - Distasteful TV and Public Behaviour

There are many good things and bad things from this current trip. However I’ll save the good things for later, and for now, I’ll write about the bad things I’ve encountered in Indonesia.

Indonesian TV: Disgusting and Distasteful

I have heard a lot of bad things about Indonesian TV, from lousy sinetrons, gory crime reportage, to invasive gossip shows. But I have never really watched them because I tried to avoid them, not wanting to waste my time. However, this time around in Indonesia, I came across with the worst piece of TV “journalism” I have ever seen.

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Abu Dhabi 41° Celcius


This month will be another travelling month for our family. Rani and Noe flew to Jakarta last week and tomorrow they will fly to Surabaya while I travel back from Abu Dhabi to Singapore. The day after I will fly with my father to meet everyone in Bali for Anggi's sister-in-law (Rheni) wedding. A few days after that we have to fly back to Jakarta for Rani's sister wedding and then to Bandung for another wedding celebration for Anggi's sister-in-law.

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Jakarta: Culture Shock

Hellish Traffic and Relaxed Service

I know, the traffic in Jakarta has always been hellish. But after living away from Jakarta for more than 5 years, it seems that I need to get used to it again. And somehow, my time approximation from 5 years ago is not applicable anymore. I allocate 3 hours of my time to go to Bintaro to Taman Anggrek, buy the modem, and meet my friends at 5pm in Plaza Senayan. It turned out that the trip from Bintaro to Taman Anggrek to Senayan took me four and a half hours.

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Jakarta: Getting Connected


I arrived in Jakarta on the evening of 4th of July, for my sister’s wedding and Anggi’s sister in law’s wedding. Somehow many people are getting married in July 2007, I think about three or four of my high school friends are getting married during the period, and at least two of my university friends. Interestingly, during this trip, I experience a few “culture shocks”, as I haven’t been home for more than one year. I’ll list down those “shocks” in a two parts: the first one is about internet connectivity, and the second one is about other stuff.

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Video: Kainoe Falling Asleep at Lunch

This was not the first time Noe fell asleep while eating. Wait until you see the last few seconds.

Check this out:

*Taken using xda IIs built-in camera. Should have used MiniDV instead :)

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Sail Indonesia 2007 is On!

Sail Indonesia 2007 is on! When Rani and I could afford a sailboat we will definitely make an effort to participate in this rally together with many other boats. Last year only 1 Indonesian sailor participated among 95 other sailors from Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Vanuatu, USA and Australia. See this list from last year's rally.

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Noe finding self

Noe has developed his individuality and personality. Just today, he began to say "Mine!" and "It's mine!", if we get something from him without his consent. He would say "no" to a lot of thing, such as morning shower. Just like his grandfather, Dr. Ahmad, who's taking plenty of time before taking his morning shower.

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