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Oil is Expensive but Human Lives are Cheap?

Each coffin represents a single person killed in the on-going conflict between Israel and Lebanon. Created by Moiz Syed.

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Families through Friendship

I couldn’t sleep with some thoughts running in my head, and I decided to write down some conclusion of life about friendship love and hate. You may then conclude what kind a person you are: true friend or the opposite?

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Jangan Lakukan Hari Tanpa TV

OK, coba menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, deh.

Beberapa Blogger Indonesia, seperti Priyadi, Lita, dan Jay Yulian akhir-akhir ini aktif mempromosikan Hari Tanpa TV. Sebenarnya kampanye mematikan TV bukan hal baru. TVTurnoff Network sudah melakukannya sejak 1994 di Amerika. Kami pun turut mempromosikannya sejak tahun lalu, tapi saat itu gaungnya tidak sekencang seperti yang dipromosikan para Blogger Indonesia tahun ini.

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Space Invaders Brings back Vivid Childhood Memory

Space Invaders was the first video game that I ever played in an arcade. My father used to take us (Anggi, Indi and Yodhi) to Mayestik (Majestic) in South Jakarta during on weekends in the early 1980s. He gave us coins to play this marvelous game of Space Invaders because we never owned ATARI, Nintendo nor VCR (we were poor, you see).

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Project NoSpank

After knowing that there is a "Kiwi organization promoting hitting children" , I immediately felt I needed to find out about the cost and benefit of doing so.

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Tsunami dan Tugas Menristek

Siapakah yang kira2 harus bertanggung jawab apabila tidak ada peringatan bahaya Tsunami mengingat sudah 19 bulan sejak tragedi Tsunami Aceh.

Saya rasa Menteri yang saya sebut dibawah ini sedang mendapat perhatian khusus perihal Tsunami beberapa hari yang lalu, khususnya pada saat Associated Press melaporkan sbb (terlepas dari betul tidaknya laporan AP):

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Thanks to Thalia, I'm very much tempted to try the new service Zooomr (yes, with three "o"s!). Seems like a great service, particularly with different kinds of tagging enabled there.

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My Cubicle - Motion Picture

Hi, Friends!

I thought you may wanna see this motion picture on You Tube:
My Cubicle - Motion Picture shot, directed, edited by Judhi Prasetyo. He used his trustworthy Canon 20D with various lenses to capture the essence of my professionalism at work.

The sources of inspiration:

1. PATRYK REBISZ: Between You And Me, which was made using Canon EOS 20D;

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Dadiah - Traditional Yogurt from West Sumatra

When we went to Padang last month, we splurged on traditional Minang food that we missed so much, such as Sate Padang, Bebek Lado Ijo (with happy seasoning), many kinds of Sambal Lado and Gulai, and the special grilled fish from Lake Maninjau, grilled banana, and sanjai crackers. We took the opportunity to get Dadih or Dadiah, traditional minang water buffalo yogurt which is fermented in bamboo container covered with banana leaf.

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Ken Dedes, our Ancestor

We just discovered Rodovid, a wiki-based family tree, and I spent a whole day putting our family tree and connect it with Babad Tanah Jawi family tree. As a result, I managed to find my ancestors, 33 generations before me, up to Ken Dedes (the wife of Ken Arok, the first ruler of Singhasari, Indonesia) and her father. This is my family tree:

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