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Hot White Mojito

Last weekend, I was quite successful in my first attempt to become the bartender of my household. I made mojito, a traditional cuban drink, out of fresh ingredients. I got the recipe from Bacardi. How flattered I was when Indi and Yodhi complimented my mojito!

Although the recipe asks for Rum, you can make the drink as virgin mojito, and it'll be thirst quenching for hot Singapore weather. However, today I tried to make a hot variation of mojito, which would better suit for cold climate/weather. This one is without lime juice.

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Gmail for my domain

Yay! indrani.net have received approval for "Gmail for your domain" beta! I found out about it from James Seng, like, so long after it has been launched (in february). Nevertheless, I tried to apply as beta tester during the last week of may for six email accounts, and three days later, I got approval for 25 accounts. Yup, this means, I gotta make 22 more babies in order to utilise the quota to the full extent. I won't put screenshots, there are many of them online already.

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Indo Sing Mum Picnic

I called one of my good friends (who are married, with children) to see if they want to attend Indo Sing Mum picnic to be held this Saturday at Botanic Gardens, Singapore.

One of the responses/questions I got about the event is (paraphrased/translated into English): Are there many Indonesian Chinese?

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West Sumatra Bound

Some say that what they like the most about Singapore is when they "leave" it, not when they "live" in it.

I am saying this because we are about do another getaway and experience "leaving it".

West Sumatra, it is. And we are going with about 20 happy friends from Singapore and will stay at

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Kenny Sia Considers Circumcision

In light of Kenny Sia's genuine interests in getting his "little bird" altered, I highly recommend that he become the spokesperson of SmartKlamp, specializing in the fine art of male circumcision.

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SBY: Political Hero, Coward, Fool, Or Genius?

I bet by now millions of you have heard about this:

"The final decision on closing the case against the 84-year-old Suharto lies with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)"

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When A Talk Before Sleep Gets Recorded on the next Day

With the rising popularity of writing about anything on any web surface like my wife and I do, I have often asked my self:

"Am I really blogging if I only blog when I want to? (instead of more regularly like some bloggers in blogging universe do)"

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Indonesian Music Concerts and Tobacco Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

I am a passive observer of Indonesian music industry and a great admirer of live music performances. However, I find it very hard to understand why large music concerts (jazz or rock or indie-pop or dangdut) in Indonesia are mostly sponsored by tobacco companies.

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Maternalistic World

Let's write a futuristic story together!

My brain was numbed by the ongoing work and exam, so I tried to refresh my brain by taking a quick break and starting a fictional draft story of a futuristic scenario. You can participate in expanding this fictional scenario too, by editing the wiki. Or please leave a comment below on your suggestions in expanding this scenario. Please do give your suggestions!

The writing is triggered by a question on how would the world look like if women dominates the world and its social structure? Would it be a better place compared to the present paternalistic society? Or not? (Surely the zealots will be irritated by the very concept of female-dominated world). Here, I'm not talking about women dominate the world by becoming more masculine (like most feminist movements pursue currently), but how women dominate the world through its own feminine values.

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Do Most Singapore Drivers Stop at STOP Signs?

My answer:

No, most Singapore drivers do not stop at STOP signs. And they don't care. In fact, failing to stop at STOP sign is highly dangerous (and could be deadly) especially to crossing pedestrians.

Surprisingly, I rarely see anyone follow the STOP sign rule in Singapore. If you do see drivers making a full stop at the sign, please give them two thumbs up. But if they don't, please yell at them (some friendly gestures which I have done many times on the driveway outside the JTC Summit building).

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