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Botak Jones Cajun Guano

I think God punished me yesterday for going to Botak Jones three times within one week.

Just when I was about to finish my cajun meal with Eddy and Alex (both are from the Lau clan but unrelated to Andy Lau), I felt like I had a mixture of mustard and mayonnaise splattering on my face. The hearty stuff went into my eye, my mouth and stained my shirt! I waited for a few seconds and licked the corner of my mouth. It tasted kinda... fresh. Perhaps too refreshing for something that come out of a bottle.

Then I found out that the mustard-cum-mayonnaise was a fresh pigeon dropping. What a Guano day!

PS: Someone told me that I should have bought Lottery tickets yesterday.

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Jeffrey Yap's Project

Our dear friend Jeffrey Yap is working on a project called Happy Mums 2 Be. It's been an honor to have an opportunity to work with him who is passionate about photography. What do you think?

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Flying Batavia Air With Blocked Overwing Emergency Doors

On 13 July 2007 my father (Hindro) and I boarded Batavia Air from Jakarta to Bali to attend a wedding. We were seated on row 14 (me on the aisle and my father in between me and the window seat) of Boeing 737 aircraft that seemed to be much older than the average age of the flight crew. One stewardess told us that everyone on aisle 14 were supposed to be aware of the "overwing emergency exit door/hatch" on the starboard (right) and port (left) and that whoever is sitting closest to it should operate it in an emergency.

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Abu Dhabi 41° Celcius


This month will be another travelling month for our family. Rani and Noe flew to Jakarta last week and tomorrow they will fly to Surabaya while I travel back from Abu Dhabi to Singapore. The day after I will fly with my father to meet everyone in Bali for Anggi's sister-in-law (Rheni) wedding. A few days after that we have to fly back to Jakarta for Rani's sister wedding and then to Bandung for another wedding celebration for Anggi's sister-in-law.

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Sail Indonesia 2007 is On!

Sail Indonesia 2007 is on! When Rani and I could afford a sailboat we will definitely make an effort to participate in this rally together with many other boats. Last year only 1 Indonesian sailor participated among 95 other sailors from Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Vanuatu, USA and Australia. See this list from last year's rally.

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My Brother Said My Face Looks Like Efren Ramirez

My brother Yodhi for some reason has been laughing at me everytime he sees Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. Below is what Pedro looks like when running for president in high school.

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MUST SEE MOVIE: SiCKO by Michael Moore

I have just finished watching Michael Moore's new film SiCKO on my computer. Just in case you have not heard: The master copy of the film had the potential of being confiscated by US government due to its Cuban related footage but somehow Moore managed to get it distributed globally via the internet. I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

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Singapore NAVY Open House at Changi Naval Base

Jendral Augie from Memphis is in town so we took him to
Changi Naval Base to see what it's like since Singapore Navy were having Open House 2007 for public to have an opportunity to have fun and get inside the ships.


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Michael Moore Should Have Come with Us to Cuba

‘Hasta la Victoria Siempre’. Michael Moore is now under investigation for having visited Cuba for his recent film SiCKO (this film does for the US health system what Fahrenheit 9/11 did for Mr Bush and Bowling for Columbine did for the American obsession with guns). You may not realize that although American citizens are free to travel around the world they are not allowed to enter Cuba. If they get caught doing it, they could be jailed for 5 years or get a hefty USD250k fine.

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Violence on TV Mobile

I was travelling on SBS Transit bus number 97 from Alexandra to my office in Jurong East yesterday morning (8:30am) when I was really shocked to see something that I think should have been censored but shown on the small on-board TV set called TV Mobile.

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