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First Booger

A few minutes ago, Noe had just picked his nose for the first time. He was using his index finger of his left hand. I hope he won't end up eating his booger instead.

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Second Time Being Sick

Exactly one month ago Noe was down with series of illnesses and accidents. We were really worried. First, he fell and bumped his nose so hard that he cried inconsolably and the nose became swollen and blue. A few days later, he had a high fever and refused to eat or drink. At night, he couldn’t sleep because he felt really uncomfortable. After he fully recovered from the viral infection, he got food poisoning.

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Noe Said

We haven't been posting new entries recently because we're in Indonesia right now and connectivity is very limited. But Noe just said something that surprised me that I couldn't resist to post to the blog right now.

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Noe and Toilet

Something surprising happened to us this morning. Noe walked by himself to the bathroom/toilet and pee on its floor.

(For background info, these past two weeks we let Noe diaperless and barebottomed where possible, in order to study his elimination needs. We got 50% success rate so far of carrying him to the bathroom to encourage him to do it. The other 50% were accidents on the living room floor)

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First Birthday

It's Noe's first birthday. We made a small celebration with neighbours and relatives.

This is Noe's birthday cake. Rani had to decorate it because we ordered the cake without allowing time to create custom decoration. So Rani rushed to National Library and borrowed book about cake decoration, and then dashed to Cold Storage to buy materials for royal icing. She made the blue royal icing and lay it on top of the cake, being inexperienced with cake decoration and all. And to complicate matters, the cake that Indi bought was a mango cake with jelly topping, which caused the royal icing to melt. So we had to blow the candle rapidly. Here's the picture (Photos courtesy of Judhi Prasetyo):

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First Clap

Just now, Noe deliberately clapped his hands, for the first time.

He has tried to clap his hands for the longest time, but somehow either the hands just clasped to one another, or the hands do not meet.

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First Time on the Beach

Last weekend, the Hamiltons and we drove up to Mersing, on the east coast of Malaysia. Natasha drove her car through Woodlands checkpoint, which was not jammed, surprisingly. Coming from Singapore, it was refreshing to see the chaos and untidiness of Johor Bahru. The only thing that we consider funny was the countdown light on every traffic light there, what is it for?

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Triple Date and Playground

Today we went for a triple date in Botanic Garden, and went to the playground in Dover. But before that, yesterday, we were just chilling out at home. Noe slept soundly on my belly, while I totally passed out.

On the bright sunny day three babies and their parents strolled along the path in Botanic Garden Singapore.

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Happy Birthday, Andika John!

Andika is one year old already. Time goes by so fast! I recalled that it felt just like yesterday when Natasha and I both realised that we're pregnant. And then the babies were born. And then the first birthdays.Since we really enjoy making music, we would like to share our joy for music with Andika too. We got him a set of drum, maracas, tambourine, and castanets. Andika immediately had fun with the drums. Good, now we can form a baby band.

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