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Violating Indonesian New Law

Come on, arrest us for violating the new anti-pornography law!

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Kai's birthday

It was Kai Phipps first birthday on the fifth of February, so Noe came down to his house to join the celebration.

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Sudah pernah nonton?

Dari iklan TV "Bursa Komedi" di akhir tahun 80-an:
Bagaimana pendapat bapak tentang Bursa Komedi?

Bursa Komedi .. .... lucu sekali deh!

Sudah pernah nonton?


Dalam konteks "Satanic Verses" :

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Walkable Cities?

In the past, people walk to get to their destinations.

Currently, "walking" is a destination by itself. People would drive to a place, park their car, and then they would walk.

Are current "walkable cities" for real?

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Indonesia Raya for Orchestra

Sekedar copy paste dari berbagai website supaya informasinya tidak hilang dari web.


" Indonesia Raya" Versi Jos Cleber

MENJELANG akhir tahun lalu, Pak Jusuf Ronodipuro menggamit lengan saya di sebuah konser Addie MS. "Sudah dapat kabar?" tanya beliau. Saya tak tahu apa yang dimaksudkannya. "Jos Cleber meninggal."

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80s Entertainment Keywords

From TV/Radio/Movies/Comics/Magazines:
Oshin. Little Missy. Little House In The Prairie. Highway to Heaven. Escrava Isaura. Hunter. Sledge Hammer. Square One TV. The Bold and The Beautiful. Album MInggu Kita. Aneka Ria Safari. Ria Jenaka. Unyil. Thunderbirds. Silverhawk. Kisah HC Andersen. Kids Song. Moonwalker. Na Cha. Komik Mimin.

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How online auction works in Singapore

When I tried to sell my xda II online, I was surprised to find out that the logic of online auction is almost totally different in Singapore.

At first, I tried to sell my xda II in Singapore Pocket PC user group (PPCSG). However, I can say that, although PPCSG market place forum is a great place to buy stuff, it is not a great place to sell stuff. People from the forum would mercilessly bargain 40-50% from the initial price. Having been unable to sell my xda II with a good price in PPCSG, I looked for other alternatives.

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My article in Cita Cinta

My article on Austria on a Shoestring was published by Cita Cinta Magazine in Indonesia. Yay! I hope they'd pay me. Now i'm motivated to write more... wish me luck!

You can read the article here which is actually a summary of my travelog published in my last year's blog.

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First Malay Wedding

Azlin invited us to come to her brother wedding. This is our first time coming to a malay wedding. Luckily, the Indosing-mums egroups discusses the culture and ethics of coming to a malay wedding in Singapore.

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