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Beginning of 2nd Trimester

Okay.. we've been sorta holding back the news of our pregnancy but since we're now beginning with the second trimester, we think that today is the right time to announce it more publicly. We kept the news during the first trimester because there's a lot of uncertainty with regards of the pregnancy, and it is the most volatile period.

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Plonco, Ospek, Hazing

Death of Cliff Muntu as the tip of Plonco Culture Iceberg in Indonesia

The death of IPDN student is not surprising. In Indonesia, seniority is very much embedded into local education culture. I began to sense this when I enter junior high school, and as I moved up onto higher education in Indonesia, the sense of seniority is felt even more.

It is customary to go through rites of passage / initiation rites when one enter a new school in Indonesia, as well as entering extracurricular organizations in school. This initiation rite is governed by a basic rule that the seniors has more authority than the juniors, and that the juniors has less rights than the seniors. Oh I just found out from wikipedia that there is an English word for "plonco" and "ospek" which is "hazing". In the developed countries, hazing is considered as crime, and students involved in it are sent to jail. Wow, in this regards, Indonesia is so behind!

Let's go back to the hazing culture in Indonesia. The unwritten rules are to never question your seniors, and that the seniors always know better. And don't talk to your seniors unless they talk to you first.

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Engdonesia 3

Ternyata istilah Bahasa "Engdonesia" sudah duluan diluncurkan oleh Ariel Heryanto di dalam artikelnya di Kompas. Kok bisa kebetulan sama ya? Padahal saya belum pernah baca artikel tersebut (Artikel Ariel bisa di baca di bawah halaman ini).

Berikut juga beberapa trackback terkait dengan bahasa "Engdonesia" dari website ini dan juga website lainnya:


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Biofuel Action Alert

Please click here!

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Cocoa with Chili for Flu

I'm currently down with bad flu. Somehow the germs from Jakarta flood got into me. This is a kind of flu that confined me in my bed with a laptop, a really sore throat, headache and fever. I'm trying to alleviate the pain by drinking cups and cups of Bandrek, a ginger tea from Bandung (Courtesy of Andrea Fitrianto). It helped a bit.

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Travel Tips: Struggling with Language

Travel Tips: Do make an effort to learn the language of the country that you’re going to. People would appreciate your effort greatly. The locals are easily impressed and amused by your enthusiasm to blend in, and also it’s a sign of humility because you’re trying not to force the locals to speak English. Also there is less likelihood that you’re gonna be tricked because local people became aware that you might understand their language. Sometimes you can bargain better price by only speaking the language.

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Fresh Delivery


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9 January: Cuba-Mexico-USA


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8 January: We Found Music


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