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About is a website of an Indonesian couple Indi+Rani who lives away from their home country. Currently they live in Singapore.

Indi was born in Jakarta, Sep 1975 (A Virgo Rabbit). He is the bizdev of the house. He can be contacted through Flickr, FotograferNet, Friendster, ICQ, MSN, Orkut, Skype, TripodWeb, YahooMsgr, YahooPhotos.

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Back to office report


The picture above is the toilet of my new office. I took the picture because I think the signage is unique. Where else in the world could you get a signage forbidding you to put your feet into the washbasin (which is quite a normal practice here, since people need to wash their feet for praying)

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A Restart


Guilty. Guilty as charged

This blog has been abandoned for one year.

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How to Quit Your Job and Be a Happy, Professional Mom

IKPN Family 05 Small

"Career doesn't define me. What I do in my life defines me. I am a mother first. A career is one of the many things I do in my life" Michelle Obama

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My Personal Meta-Brain


Finding the right Knowledge Database Software

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Why we don’t blog as often as before

Lately we are really slow in updating our website. My last entry was 2 months ago, while Indi’s was six months ago. Our main excuses are twofold: First our family goes through a series of change (both the kids and the parents), and secondly, we’re busy taking care our growing child. With one preschooler and one toddler, one can’t afford to sit down in front of the PC and concentrate on writing something.

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On Death and Dying

Sultans Tomb

Pardon me for being a little morbid in this writing. Death is an interesting thing. From my experience I can conclude two things. When death happens around me, I felt scared. But when I was face-to-face with my own death, I surrendered to it quite happily.

On Dying
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Defending Palestine, the only Indonesian synagogue is closed down

The Gaza conflict is indeed sad. It has resulted in the death of many civilians - women, children, old people. But what's sadder is that many Indonesians respond to Palestinian-Israeli conflict clinging to their stereotypical perspective about this conflict. Not only that, they actually take hasty actions based on their narrow stereotypical mind.

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