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On Death and Dying

Sultans Tomb

Pardon me for being a little morbid in this writing. Death is an interesting thing. From my experience I can conclude two things. When death happens around me, I felt scared. But when I was face-to-face with my own death, I surrendered to it quite happily.

On Dying
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Defending Palestine, the only Indonesian synagogue is closed down

The Gaza conflict is indeed sad. It has resulted in the death of many civilians - women, children, old people. But what's sadder is that many Indonesians respond to Palestinian-Israeli conflict clinging to their stereotypical perspective about this conflict. Not only that, they actually take hasty actions based on their narrow stereotypical mind.

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Me gusta aprender las lenguas

Me gusta aprender las lenguas extranjeras porque me gusta viajar por todo mundo. Además, vivo en el centro de Jakarta donde hay muchos centros culturales extranjeros que ofrecen clases de las lenguas extranjeros, por ejemplo, el CCF para la lengua Francesa, el Goethe-Institut para la lengua Alemania, y el LBI-UI en Salemba para las otras lenguas, como el Japonés, el Chino, y el Español. Todos los centros están muy cerca de mi casa, puedo ir a pie solo en treinta minutos máximo, o puedo tomar un taxi o un bajaj solo en diez minutos. Por eso, ahora me inscribo en dos clases: la Española los días laborables y la Francesa los fines de semana.

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Polyglot Wannabe

Indi was busy right from the start when we moved here in Jakarta. I haven’t gotten a proper chance to sit down in front of my computer to write things. It’s not that “nothing interesting was happening”. In fact, there’s so many interesting things, too many of them that they got stuck in blog draft, jumbled as incoherent topics. I’m still fascinated by moving back to Indonesia, and still adapting to living here.

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Actions and Religions

People tend to see only what they want to see, they hear only what they want to hear.

This is what Indi and I have observed for a long time. We think it is quite interesting. We can’t illustrate it in a more specific way for not wanting to offend people, so let’s imagine the following:

  • Two major religions in the world: religion X and religion Y
  • Two famous good men: Mr. A of religion X, and Mr. B of religion Y
  • Two terrorists: Mr. C from religion X, and Mr. D of religion Y.
  • Our friends of religion X

Then read this slowly:

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Pesta Blogger 08

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Yodhi Won the Video Contest!

Guess what! Yodhi won the Challenge Your Hero video contest! He will fly to Qatar for the Sony Ericsson Championships in the second week of November and meet and party with the finest ladies of tennis.

Horrendous curly wig: $60
Ugly dress: $5
Online self-humiliation and get to party with Ana Ivanovic: ...Priceless!

here is the video link, again

The ladies involved in the tournament:

1 Jelena Jankovic
2 Dinara Safina
3 Serena Williams
4 Elena Dementieva
5 Ana Ivanovic
6 Svetlana Kuznetsova
7 Vera Zvonareva
8 Flavia Penetta

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